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With AI, marketers can serve their customers efficiently thanks to better personalization experiences, an automatic update of their targeting, and the automation of most manual tasks and interactions. In this edition of Adello Magazine, Darrell Alfonso, Global Marketing Operations Manager at Amazon, will talk about the key qualities of marketers, AI, the challenges and opportunities of automation, and how to empower your business with new-gen marketing.

This edition will also feature an article written by Ingo Hoffman, the Founding Partner at AI.FUND, and Managing Director at AI.HAMBURG and ADI Innovation AG. He will guide us through the story of AI and its adoption in marketing and sales, focusing on autonomous retail stores.

Adello’s focus of the month will concentrate on AI and automation in mobile ads. This technology changed digital advertising in many ways, from personalization to enhanced reporting, ad creative building, and it is even used to fight ad fraud.

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