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The rapid development of technology and its significance continue to accelerate. This contributes to interest in the next generation of the Internet - the metaverse. The metaverse of the future will be similar to our “ordinary” world where we work, study, and interact with each other. Simply put, metaverse will be a digital copy of our everyday life. Thomas Hutter, the CEO of Hutter Consult explains what are the opportunities of the metaverse we can see in the near future and how soon will the adoption of Web 3.0 take place. 

Wise to suggest, that blockchain gaming is another concept, that is intersecting with the metaverse. Adello has interviewed Augustin Romaneschi, member of Crypto Valley Association, founder of Plug to Potential, and blockchain enthusiast, and asked him about the concept of NFT games, its trends, and its future.

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