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Excited to present the 5th edition of AD.INSIDER featuring our special guest, Lauritz Elmshäuser. As the CEO of HYGH AG, he drives the rapid expansion of Digital-out-of-Home advertising across the DACH region.

The evolving programmatic DOOH landscape holds immense growth potential. As it matures, it converges with online strategies, amplifying cross-media impact. pDOOH is not limited to big brands alone - when executed in a multi-channel strategy, it can serve as a powerful tool for any brand, political party, or individual seeking to convey a message.

Also, this edition covers how to make your programmatic video ads more successful and things to consider when planning your DOOH strategy based on location data:

  • The Real Pivot to Video: Programmatic Ad Spend Surges, Leaving Display Behind by Adello
  • Maximizing Retail Impact: DOOH Data Strategies by GeoCTRL

GeoCTRL is a Swiss Location Intelligence provider that delivers holistic and privacy-compliant multichannel data insights into foot traffic and audience segmentation based on GPS, LiDAR, Bluetooth and WiFi sensors.

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