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AD.INSIDER: Evolution of the Digital Ads

We are currently approaching a major industry shift in digital advertising.

Wendy Pouw, Managing Director of IAB Netherlands, shares her opinion on the status of the digital advertising industry. She has a strong opinion on the upcoming challenges as the disappearance of the third party cookies, increasing privacy standards, and issues with personalized advertising.

With the launch of iOs 14 there will be tactonical shifts for performance campaigns with the new privacy opt-in standards that are being intorduced. What opportunities do we see and which roads we will take as Adello?

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AD.INSIDER: Will there be a renaissance of creativity in advertising?

Being for more than 12 years on the market, we, at Adello, have experienced all rapid changes in the advertising industry. Yet, our mission has remained the same – to exceed сlients’ expectations and raise the quality standards of mobile advertising. The creative support of ad campaigns is one of our main focuses.

In this edition of AD.INSIDER, we are going to answer some distressing questions about creativity in advertising. During his conversation with Anna Pak, Frank Bodin, President of the ADC Art Directors Club Switzerland, shared some insights and personal opinions on the creative challenges and their solutions in the advertising industry.

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AD.INSIDER: The never-ending Battle with Ad Fraud

Following our last edition with partner company Machine Advertising in London, this edition of AD.INSIDER highlights the findings of probably the most prominent Ad Fraud Investigator Dr. Augustine Fou to shed further light on the topic.
His discoveries confirm the findings of our data science team.

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The Dark Side of the App Industry

The lockdown situation rockets mobile app usage and downloads all around the world. Yet, not many downloads are organic. According to Statista global app install advertising spend is growing on average 27% every year and going to reach $76,2 billion in 2020.

Ad.Insider sheds a spotlight on fraud in the advertising industry. We get a glimpse of an idea about click bait, click farms and device farms. Their claim: deliver app downloads around the world at virtually any price. We were granted with an interview but asked for name, nationality and associates to remain confidential.

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