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Adello Focuses on Personalization in the Metaverse

Adello Focuses on Personalization in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is coming, the team is growing: Adello is sure that the first phase of the Metaverse will be in the area of personalization.

Adello team is getting further strengthening with Dolma Memmishofer, who has already gained experience in the media sector at Mediaeffects and Promotion Tools, and Victor Huber, who used to work in VR.

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Huber's Avatar - a good NFT investment

Memmishofer will be involved in business development and marketing, while Huber will take up the topic of virtual clothing/personalization of avatars on the different platforms. Due to his VR experience and interest in Metaverse projects, he has already been able to successfully sell virtual clothing as NFT.

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About Adello

Adello analyses human behavior in real time and combines this with fully automated, self-learning technology for maximum mobile marketing ROI. Global market research agency Technavio ranks the technology, which is protected by various patents and has won nearly 20 awards, among the top 16 in Big Data worldwide.

Since 2022, the company has refocused on the emerging Metaverse technologies Blockchain, Gaming, Crypto/NFT. Its satisfied customers include hundreds of the world's leading brands and agencies such as BMW, Clear Channel, GroupM, McDonald's, SBB and UBS. Adello operates offices in Europe, Asia and North America. The Metaverse is a key focus of the company. Adello is a Swisscom Ventures portfolio company.

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