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Adello Game Review: No Man's Sky

Adello Game Review: No Man's Sky

Originally, No man's sky was not planned for VR. But despite this, the VR version of No man's sky can provide an unexpectedly enjoyable gaming experience. After all, you can walk around on a planet, station, or base and admire the views.

Space travel in the game is beautiful and exciting. And if you put an effort into space combat, you can get your dose of euphoria.

The story is about a nameless wanderer whose goal is to reach the center of the galaxy. During the passage, you will encounter an anomaly, inside which meet the priestess essence Nada and Specialist Polo. With their help, you can travel to the black hole, which will quickly transport you to the center of the galaxy, or to the unknown Atlas, who can assist the wanderer with his goal.

On the way, you can meet the three races, Gek, Korvax, and Viking, to trade and learn their language. Sooner or later the wanderer will reach his goal, but what happens then is unknown.

Adello game review: 
No man's sky.

The game provides a leisurely gameplay experience. Although there is a battle component, I didn't feel like fighting, but rather trading, exploring, and learning a foreign language. The game became something relaxing, something you could go into and linger for a few hours.

As a player who really enjoyed the PC version, after a few dozen hours I want to spend a couple hundred more in the VR game. Because everything I did on the PC in VR feels finer and fresher.

The controls are intuitive, and the mechanics feel good. If you get motion sickness while walking you can switch modes and teleport yourself to the right place.

I have to admit, the game is full of flaws: starting with low drawing range, finishing with bugs, crashes, and loss of connection with controllers. But despite all of these in-game challenges Hello Games did a good job by adding VR to the standard version of the game.

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