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Adello Game Review: Splinterlands

Adello Game Review: Splinterlands

Today we are reviewing the NFT game – Splinterlands. Splinterlands is a digital trading card game where every card is a collectible NFT. Originally built on Steem blockchain, it was moved to Hive blockchain in 2020. Each game battle takes only a few minutes. The game features daily quests, seasonal rewards every two weeks, guilds, a tournament system, and an in-game marketplace that includes secure card rentals.

NFT technology allows players to earn cards and tokens by playing. The cards are divided into two types: summoners and monsters. 

Monsters feature seven different types: fire, water, earth, life, death, dragon, and neutral. Each type belongs to a different element. 

Summoners determine the class of monsters, where a card of the monster can give a lot of information.



At the beginning of the game, the player chooses a summoner and then collects a card deck of monsters. The battles are automatic, hence, you don't choose the sequence, the game builds it according to its algorithm. Always remember that the first monster in the list will be on the first line.

Each monster has 3 types of attack: melee, ranged, and magic attack, as well as 3 types of stats: speed, armor, and health. Close combat means that the monster can only attack the target in first line, exceptions are abilities. Ranged means that the monster can only attack at range. There are some rules for melee and ranged combat. Damage can only be done if there is no armor or its destruction, and the opponent can dodge. The magical attack is ultimate, it can hit any line, it completely ignores armor, and it can't miss. Speed determines the order of the card's attack and increases the chance of dodging. Armor, on the other hand, dampens damage and doesn't allow you to deal damage. Health is the easiest if it reaches zero monster dies.

The game has a system of 6 leagues. Those include bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and champion. As you move to a higher league, the seasonal reward increases. Ranking and card strength are required for the transition. The rating is given when you win and taken away when you lose. Card strength, in its turn, depends on rarity, version, and card level. 


How To Earn By Playing Splinterlands

There are three tokens in the game: - Credits - In-game currency not withdrawable, used to buy packs of cards. You can buy for cryptocurrency.

 - Dark Energy Crystal (DEC)

 - In-game token for winning tournaments or quests, as well as being withdrawable.

 - Splintershards (SPS) is a control token given to holders of any assets in Splinterlands. 

There are different ways of earning. Those are, for instance:

- Renting cards. This option may appeal to players who rarely play or do not want to sell their cards. 

- Tournaments. If you are an active player, you can participate in tournaments, the prize fund may start from 1 dollar up to several thousand, and each tournament has its own rules. 

- Ranked games. If you don't want to take part in tournaments, you can just play in ranked games, so you'll gradually earn money. 

In general, the game can seem a bit boring at the beginning because of limited card selections. However, if you play regularly, earning additional cards and increasing your ranks, the game becomes really engaging.

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