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Adello Game Review: Superhot VR

Adello Game Review: Superhot VR

Superhot VR is an original first-person shooter from the Polish company Superhot team.

The game will immediately draw your attention with its unusual mechanics: The time goes when you go. Destroy enemies using time dilation and predict their actions and make up your strategy.

The game has two modes: endless and competitive. In endless mode, the number of enemies grows each time. In competitive mode, you have to complete the mission with one weapon at the time.

Superhot VR


You have a limited supply of weapons to fight your opponents, so feel free to throw ashtrays or hit with a chair. Firearms are also available, but they have limited ammunition, so you'll have to shoot accurately and carefully.

Superhot VR will immerse you in a virtual space of red, white and black. If you want to try your hand at being Neo, dodging bullets or just playing an unconventional but interesting game in VR, then I recommend Superhot VR.

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