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“For decades marketing has been gaining in importance in business, becoming an essential part of any organization. But in the time of increased buzz around marketing “trends” and widely popping TikTok teens calling themselves “marketing experts,” it is crucial to go back to the fundamentals of marketing: metrics. 

Remember, unlike other company departments, marketing ties into other business areas. Marketing for HR for internal communication and team development, for sales for client relationship and revenue growth, for product/tech for client-centric product development, and for finance for fundraising. 

This year Adello Magazine celebrates the 50 noteworthy marketing professionals who helped build strong and influential brands in the digital world.”


Head of Marketing at Adello
Anna Pak, Head of Marketing @Adello

Stepping into Web 3.0 & How to Protect NFT Market

On the NFT popularity peak, some who want to enter this field are wondering: where should I start? Meanwhile, others begin to doubt the NFT and its safety.

Web 3.0 was supposed to become an absolutely new and safe space for Internet users. However, according to Tim Moore, it's important to know a number of rules before one steps into the Web 3.0 and NFT market.

We need to be aware of anti-fraud and anti-money laundering because a common user is not very much known to such concepts when it comes to the buying of NFTs and their rights and responsibilities.
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VR and AR is Changing the Marketing Landscape

Virtual and Augmented reality devices are no longer just entertainment for geeks. In fact, immersive technologies are being used in various fields from production to medicine. Marketing is not an exception. In this edition together with James Watson, we were talking about how VR and AR are changing the landscape of marketing and why immersive technologies stand for the future.

VR/AR experiences that allow customers to try out products and activities before purchasing are forms of experiential marketing, an essential strategy for today’s customers who are increasingly seeking out experiences over possessions. VR and AR are powerful marketing tools that answer this shift in priorities by creating meaningful shopping experiences for consumers. The following examples illustrate exactly why companies across multiple sectors are incorporating VR and AR into their marketing strategies.
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Metaverse: Opportunities of the Future

The rapid development of technology and its significance continue to accelerate. This contributes to interest in the next generation of the Internet - the metaverse. The metaverse of the future will be similar to our “ordinary” world where we work, study, and interact with each other. Simply put, metaverse will be a digital copy of our everyday life. Thomas Hutter, the CEO of Hutter Consult explains what are the opportunities of the metaverse we can see in the near future and how soon will the adoption of Web 3.0 take place. 

Wise to suggest, that blockchain gaming is another concept, that is intersecting with the metaverse. Adello has interviewed Augustin Romaneschi, member of Crypto Valley Association, founder of Plug to Potential, and blockchain enthusiast, and asked him about the concept of NFT games, its trends, and its future.

In order to adopt the concepts of the Metaverse, businesses would have to analyze opportunities and establish the direction they want to move to. It’s not sustainable to try to pursue multiple paths simultaneously unless there are enough financial resources and talents available. Later, they would have to constitute the strategy of their further actions. It is important to start now and work plan for a long-term perspective.
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The 3 Actions to Get Traction in the Metaverse

Remember how 25 years ago when the Internet just started its expansion the leading tech companies were claiming that the Internet stands for the future? Back then many companies were trying to get into it without exact knowledge about Web 1.0.  The Web 3.0 and the new Internet, where the metaverse is part of it, are already here. Today we see the same picture: everyone wants their business to be a part of the metaverse, but only a few are ready for that. Bertrand Blancheton in his article together with Adello Magazine described what steps the company must undertake in order to smoothly integrate the metaverse in their business. 

“There is a “phygital” solution promised by the metaverse. Its goal is to revolutionize the way we perceive the world by fusing the physical and virtual worlds. Not everything must be done differently when making the transition to the metaverse. It’s a smart idea to start by offering a virtual version of what you do in the real world. A natural way to enter the metaverse but also an authentic way for your business to be recognized by customers”
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Goodbye to Third-Party Cookies As Your First-Party Data Comes Into Focus

Today it is clear that third-party cookies are not welcomed in the marketing world anymore. While some are still trying to harness the last bites of questionably collected data, Jessie Lizak kindly reminds marketers that first-party data collection can contribute to business growth.

For those who feel that the zero- and first-party data is not enough, we introduce the most innovative privacy-friendly cookieless alternatives to continue offering relevant and personalized marketing services!

"Panicked marketers should take a deep breath, says Lizak. Google is not shutting off all cookies, just third-party cookies. This means your powerful first-party data can still be used to track basic data from visitors to your own website. Also, since Firefox and Safari had banned third-party cookies some time ago, this marketing strategy was already weakening."
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Why Fashion's Future is Digital And How to Get It Right

Digitalization has become an integral part of how fashion brands interact with their consumers. In addition, digital marketing tools are changing the entire fashion industry.

In this edition, we discussed why digitalization in the fashion industry is important with Frida Ekholm. She gave advice on how to adapt digitalization for fashion brands and what to pay attention to while implementing digital. 

Moreover, in this edition, we disclosed the popularisation of NFT in the fashion industry and how it expanded the apparel market. Discover the presence and the future of fashion in our new edition!

In today’s digital world, every brand stands the same chance. High streets are no longer exclusive to city centers and you don’t have to be able to afford the most expensive flagship store location to be seen. Instead, the most attractive streets are located in the palms’ of consumers’ hands: on their smartphones. So, while the pandemic certainly widened the gap between digital leaders and digital laggards, there is still time to even the playing field. With a bit of courage and a willingness to change, even the most analog brands still have a chance to accelerate their digital transformation in time.
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The Power within the Video Customer Journey

This edition we devoted to two widely discussed trends that took over the digital marketing world in 2022: video and metaverse.

Customer journey is essential while planning the video marketing strategy. Adrian Sandmeier, the author of the bestseller book on Amazon “Video marketing For Marketers" and the founder of youstream, shares the same opinion. In this edition, he discloses the secrets of successful video marketing, good production and proves the importance of the audience while building the strategy.

From the Adello side, we are keeping to share the ideas from our latest panel discussion about metaverse. We explained in detail the mechanisms behind the metaverse by explaining its ecosystem.

And in the end, we described how metaverse and video can cooperate together and how marketers will benefit from it. Enjoy reading! 😉

The principle of the customer journey matches 1:1 with the principle of cold, warm and hot traffic, which some marketers might be familiar with. People at the beginning of the journey are considered cold traffic, in the middle they become warm, and just before they hit the buy button, they are hot traffic. It’s very important to distinguish the different forms of traffic since you have to address them differently. This makes your video marketing efforts much more efficient, saving you the cost of targeting the wrong audience with the wrong video.
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Influencer Marketing and the Affiliate Industry

Thinking about affiliate marketing, one most probably imagines different discounts offers and promo codes. However, affiliate marketing took a different direction in tandem with influencer marketing. Chris Tradgett, the co-Founder at Publisher Discovery, ensures that this marketing model is used for the best benefits for a business, especially in the era of rapid digitalization.

Traditionally, many marketers’ views of affiliates were dominated by a fixation on Coupons and Cashback. This, in part, was supported by the slow rollout of proper attribution models among the networks. However, the pandemic brought a tipping point; technologies becoming more favourable ... and influencers are adopting a blended approach with fees and commissions.
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The Importance of Strategy in Global Brand Building

Creating a branding strategy is a long process that requires patience, time, and hard work. Even if you succeed in building a brand, maintaining long-term success might be the challenge. A verified and communicated brand positioning strategy not only stimulates sales but also forms long-term brand loyalty. It helps effectively increase customer trust in the brand and creates a strong competitive edge. In our new Adello Magazine edition, together with An Driessens, we discuss the importance of the strategy of global brand building.

The world is truly digital. We have never been so inundated with data, the pandemic has upended our habits and behaviours, soon we might all be living in a metaverse….and yet, have the basics of good brand building and best-in-class marketing really changed?
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