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Avatar is a digital person or a character assigned to an Internet user in the virtual world, for example, in a computer game or the metaverse.

A business or organization that provides a particular service, especially one that arranges transactions between two parties.

A partnership between a business and an organization in order to target marketing products and services.

It is an advertising model where a company pays the affiliate for each visitor or customer brought, thanks to the affiliate’s marketing strategies.

Also called “cookie stuffing” since the fraudster takes part or all the affiliate’s commission by using cookies to track the traffic.

Catch the attention of possible clients by drawing their attention to your product, service, or event.

When many ads are on top of each other, but only the one on the top is visible. False impressions are then created for every ad.

The space on a Website where you can put ads.

Ad Server is a web server that stores data about advertisements, which will then be delivered to website visitors.

Through the Ad Networks (companies), advertisers will be connected to the website that wants to host advertisements.

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