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Digital twin is a digital representation of a tangible or intangible object from the real world in the digital world.

Unlike centralized, decentralized metaverse is governed by the community where users run the meta-world. Decentralized networks are based on blockchain. This approach ensures that there is no monolithic control.

Creation of a fake trusted domain that looks like an URL from a credible company.

It is a name that identifies a website.

Domain Name Server. A computer that translates domain names into IP addresses.

Direct Marketing Association. A trade association for advertisers and marketers.

An ad that enables you to respond directly to the sender.

When an advertiser sends the marketing message directly to his clients or potential ones.

Statistical data regarding the information of a certain population of interest, e.g., age, gender, education, etc.

A type of banner on a site when paying banners are not available.

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