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Really Simple Syndication. An XML-based format, which allows you to share web content, e.g., headlines.

An ad placement in rotation on one or more webpages, which means it will not be the only one to be shown.

Run Of Site. An ad placement appearing simply everywhere on a website.

Run Of Network. An ad placement appearing on any webpage of any website within the ad network.

Return On Investment. A performance measure, which evaluates if the monetary benefits from an ad campaign are above or below the amount of money spent on it.

Run Of Category. An ad placement appearing everywhere on an ad network or website within a category.

With an ad roadblock, the advertiser owns 100% of the page views over a certain period of time.

Ad situated on the right-hand side of the right page.

When an ad is rich in audio, video, or graphics.

Request For Quotation. When an advertiser asks for a price for placing the ad.

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