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Adello Game Review: God of War Ragnarök

Adello Game Review: God of War Ragnarök

To date, the previous God of War was one of Sony's major successes and gained tons of positive reviews from critics and players. Recently, the new God of War Ragnarök was released. Let's take a look at what developers prepared for us this year.


The Spartan Kratos, whose revenge turned him into a god, finally settled down and got a new family in the cold northern lands. But his happiness did not last long, and his wife Fay died. She asked him to scatter her ashes from the highest mountain in all Nine Worlds. The main character embarks on a journey with his son, Atreus. This is a story about the complicated relationship between a father and his growing son in the setting of the end of the world.

The game tries to convey the moral: "Love and appreciate your loved ones, for they will not be around forever." The quality of the story has radically decreased compared to the previous game: Most of the main characters' lines are too predictable, and the character relationships are primitive.

At the same time, the central story also had an open ending, which is a reference to the possible upcoming threequel.

God of War Ragnarök


The gameplay became more linear. The fighting system in the game remained mostly unchanged. A few innovations, like new attacks, open up new possibilities in the game. At the same time, battles have become more dynamic and often occur in spacious, multi-level arenas with lots of interactive elements. Together with the combat system from God of War (2018), Ragnarök has moved to the system equipment that players can level up.

Exploring worlds has significantly improved: Chests with runes, riddles, battles, and, of course, quests from NPC, such as looking for treasure, defeating dragons, discovering new lands, and learning bits of the history of the old world - all of these make gameplay more pleasant and exciting.

By the way, the situation with bosses in the game is also now much better. Now the game has a lot of mini-bosses that really can cause problems. At the same time, there are enough main antagonists to battle.

Kratos' new adventure quickly makes it clear that Ragnarök is a game that was primarily designed with the PS4 in mind. The project feels great on PS5, offering several graphical modes to choose from.

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