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Time Efficiency

Only 3 simple steps and campaign is live

Stunning Creatives

Enjoy creative process with build-in Ad Unit Builder

Brand Safety

Our 3-step process is key to block invalid ad traffic from start

Cost Transparency

Yes! We remove all hidden fees and minimum cost

Precise Audience Creation

Create a unique audience based on device, location, demographics or interest data

Real-Time Reporting

Stay in control over your data to boost campaign performance

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Adello Direct offers a simple-to-use dashboard to set up your mobile advertising campaigns

Create unique creatives with stunning ad formats

Advertisement should speak to your audience! Implement your campaign vision with a broad variety of our rich-media Ad Creative templates to draw the customer attention and make them engage with your ads. Ad Unit is easy to operate: just choose your format, upload images for your creative and click to generate the Ad Unit.
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Real-time Campaign Reporting

Obtaining deep insights into campaign reporting data helps to maintain control over key figures to drive your marketing performance. You can receive imminently important metrics, including your ad and creative performance per time, OS, demographics, and many more.
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Machine Learning Technology to drive your KPI

Are you new to Mobile Advertising? Learn more about how Mobile Advertising and AdCTRL™ Machine Learning Technology works. We explain how our High-Frequency Trading technology is the fastest in-class and allows to acquire and process data in real-time to deliver the customers' KPI based on data combinations found worldwide, at scale.
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Pricing Plan

We spend 100% of your media budget on your campaign

Adello Direct charges only a 15% flat fee on top*.
Including agency fee + all other hidden tech trading costs you usually don’t see such as fraud protection and brand safety.

Adello Direct

100% transparency

Adello Direct Self-Service Platform        
Creative & AdServing
Viewability & Fraud Prevention
DMP & Audience

Adello Direct
15% fee = All included

*For enterprise deals, please contact our sales team

Typical Industry Practice

Cost that hard to predict

+5% Booking Platform
+10% Creative & AdServing
+5-15% Viewability & Fraud Prevention
+10% DSP
+5-10% DMP & Audience

Media Tech costs can 
sum up to 35%-50%

Source: Warc, Global Ad Tech Trends, March 2018



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