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AI-powered AdTech Solution

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We've got you covered with self-improving campaigns for cookieless mobile advertising and precise audience targeting. Our promise is to deliver on your specific marketing KPIs and reach your audience in a brand-safe environment.

Unmatched Results

Our AI technology has been trained on thousands of campaigns and delivers self-learning campaigns that are fully automated. To deliver unmatched ROI for your mobile marketing campaigns.


Real Time Predictions

Mobile is all about the right moment. We control our entire technology stack in-house and run it in real-time, because customers make decisions here and now.

Leverage Diverse Big Data

We use thousands of variables to optimize your campaign. Everybody understands that more and more relevant data leads to better campaign results, but probably less than a dozen of companies worldwide can handle such amounts of data in real time.​


Place your mobile message with engaging creative at the right moment to the right (and real) audience. We apply real-time normalization techniques to get rid of bots, fraudulent and unidentified traffic.

Qualified Users
Engagement Metrics
Guaranteed Viewability


Maximize your ROI. 
Adello's patented deep learning technology measure and optimizes campaigns on different performance metrics deep down the funnel.

Accurate KPI Prediction
Maximum ROI
Fraud Protection


Our entire platform AdCTRL was built in-house: from infrastructure, data management platform, SDK, machine learning algorithms, bidder to ad serving. This allows us to tap into over 1.6 billion devices worldwide at full granularity. Adello's globally scaled mobile AI solution solves the challenge of reaching real, relevant people at scale, and delivers on the campaigns KPI’s down the funnel.

We technically control data from A to Z in a data privacy-compliant and future-proof manner.

Best Mobile ROI

Adello’s AI technology measures and optimizes campaigns on different performance metrics such as Ad Viewability, Landing, Sessions or Sign-ups deep down the funnel. Our unique KPI centric approach offers you the flexibility to achieve your personal product goal, maximize ROI and use different targeting options where needed.

Precise Audience Creation

Adello understands the complexity of Mobile Audience targeting and uses its own User Index to map, correct and enrich user profile data for each campaign looking for a special audience based on device, location, demographics or interest data.​

Brand Safety

Adello takes Programmatic Brand Safety seriously. Our 3-step process is key to block invalid ad traffic from start.

1. Automatic filter of new traffic and publishers by keywords (eliminates ~90%)

2. Continuous manual whitelisting process

3. Automated post-campaign analysis and manual random sampling.

AdCTRL™Defender & ViewCTRL

Adello managed campaigns are exclusively using the AdCTRLDefender technology to buy (pre-bid) as much valid and viewable impressions as possible, optimizing the campaign results already from start. ViewCTRL delivers IAB-compliant viewable Mobile Ads at a guaranteed rate (vCPM). Advertisers receive maximum planning safety and quality. ​
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