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Managed Services Products

Geo Targeting/Location Targeting/Hyper Local Targeting

Boost the efficiency of your campaign and reach your audience right where they are using Adello’s unique location targeting.

Optimized for Viewability (vCPM)

Stop buying invisible ad impressions and start paying for the only ones that make a difference: those seen by users. Adello guarantees up to 100% viewability for its campaigns.

Demographic Targeting (Age & Gender)

Your average customer is a 27-year-old male? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Adello delivers your ads to the users that matter most for you.

Technographic Targeting

Have you ever tried to install an Android App on an iPhone? You’re right, that doesn’t work. Adello makes sure your campaigns are only seen by users that are able to use your product.

Audience Class

Maximize your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) using Adello’s own data targeting product “Audience Class.” Data is key here! Try our latest additions: Music, Travel, Luxury, Parents, Sport or Automotive.

Carrier & Carrier Switch

Grow your clientele by addressing your campaign to users with a certain carrier. Further, Adello helps you win back customers that quit your service and changed to another carrier.


Tourists are looking to spend a great time – let them know about your product or service using Adello’s data-driven targeting approach.


Moving to a foreign country comes with several changes: new insurance, new mobile phone contract or simply a new gym membership. Adello makes sure Expats know about your offering.


Increase the persuasiveness of your message by contacting interested users more than once.

Couponing (Engage Pass)

Boost sales at your store and communicate with users – Mobile Couponing makes it happen! Adello’s technology let’s’ you optimize on Coupon Downloads so you feel the sales uplift.

Ad Extensions: Click2Map, Click2Whatsapp, Click2Calendar

Adello offers to implement different Ad Extensions for different purposes. Want to remind users of the grand opening of your new store? Make sure it’s in their calendars!

Brand Safety

Brand Safety and Fraud Detection is guaranteed with every campaign. Adello’s machine learning eliminates invalid traffic pre-bid.
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