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Mark E. Forster

Founder & CEO
Investor | Serial Entrepreneur |Chairman of IAB Metaverse Division


+41 76 281 0700 | +1 650 503 3540
Forchstrasse 32, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland


With Adello, Mark Forster has built a global technology company with branches in Asia, Europe and the USA. Adello is the only company from Europe that is ranked among the world's leading big data companies by analysts at Technavio, Gartner and CRN. The patented predictive advertising technology was developed in 2011 and is in use worldwide. Customers and partners include companies such as Intel, IPG, Clearchannel, Credit Suisse, Starhub and Swisscom.

Forster is an angel investor/co-founder of various startups in the technology sector and a jury member at Venturekick.

From 2006 he was the founder and managing director of OnEmotion, a provider of mobile apps, which he sold to Goldbach Group (GBMN.SWX) in 2008.

2004-2006 was managing director of the mobile web and VAS provider MINICK, which was bought by Swisscom (SCMN.SWX) in 2006. Forster has lived in the USA, Japan, the Philippines, France, Holland and Switzerland and is fluent in four languages. He has an MBA from the University of St. Gallen (1999). 

He has been invited as a speaker internationally, for example in Kuala Lumpur at “How Now Digital” 2016, Zurich at “Programmatic Day” 2016, in Hamburg at “d3con” 2017, Zurich at Zühlke at "Late Afternoon Talk".
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