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Mobile Advertising

Why you should consider mobile advertising

Still considering if mobile advertising is your channel for advertising?
We’ll list the benefits of mobile advertising and why In-App advertising will help you to target the right audience group
Mobile ad creative

1. More than 80% of the web traffic is on mobile

Mobile is still one of the fastest growing markets. Though growth has slowed down a bit recently, we are still expecting ongoing growth rates. More than 80% of the overall webtraffic is related to mobile devices. This shows that mobile advertising will be one of the most powerful ways for Advertisers to be considered.

2. Best geo-targeting options save you money

Mobile advertising is immediate and on the spot. It will give you the chance to target exactly the audience you will need right where they are. For example, you want to reach audience in a certain area only to promote a local service or shop? Mobile advertising gives you the opportunity to target in specific areas only. It has a double effect: you make sure you reach out to people only within a certain area and that will save you marketing money.

3. Mobile advertising encourages engagement

Let’s be honest! A lot of advertising out there will be ignored by people because advertisements are everywhere at any time. Mobile ads have one big advantage: they offer the opportunity to engage with the audience. Adello Direct’s Swipe Cube can be turned by the user, the ‘Peel’ Creative will reveal if people peel off the top layer of the ad. Those engaging ads have a huge advantage in comparison to static campaigns on the web, public spots, and TV.

4. Cost and time efficient

Mobile Ads are cheaper because their targeting is better. Most other advertising platforms have a higher cost involved eg prints or booked ad spaces such as billboards. With Adello Direct you will also be saving on your time resources. Within less than five minutes you can set up your mobile Advertising campaigns. It has never been easier before to go mobile.

How to Get Started with Mobile Advertising 


Why you should consider mobile advertising

Adello Direct is so easy to use that Mobile Advertising is available for everybody. Media Agencies that are well familiar with mobile advertising and programmatic buying as well as clients that create mobile advertising campaigns for the first time.

1. Define overall Mobile Marketing goals

Define your campaign goal. Is it brand awareness, do you want to drive traffic for a new app you will be launching or do you want to boost sales? The overall marketing goal you have to set first.

2. Define your target audience

After establishing what you want to achieve, the next important thing to decide is who will you be targeting with this campaign? What interest does your targeted group have (are they sports enthusiasts or do they love cars)?
In-App advertisement will show relevant campaigns to interest groups based on the installed Apps a user has on his/her mobile device, so it is important to know what they like.

3. Choose the right format for your creative Ad Unit

This strongly corelates to your overall campaign goal. Engaging Ad Unit formats such as our Peel Creative or the Swipe Cube will aim for user engagement. By interacting with the Ad Unit you will have a higher chance of a user engaging with your ad and get better results a click-through rate. Static Ad Unit formats such as a banner Ad Unit will serve the purpose of branding. In this case, it will be important to create meaningful messages and concentrate on colours and design of the banner.
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