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Drowning in The Video Ocean: How to Make Your Video Ad Campaign Outstanding

Drowning in The Video Ocean: How to Make Your Video Ad Campaign Outstanding

In 2023, video content reigns supreme, not only in marketing but in our daily lives. Today, let's delve into its impact on marketing specifically. 

The truth is that video has usurped static images as the dominant medium. The rationale is simple: it effortlessly captures our attention with its dynamic nature, far more than static images ever could. 

According to research on the impact of technology by Microsoft Canada, most people now have shorter attention spans. Back in 2000, we could focus for 12 seconds, but today, it's only 8 seconds. We like to get information faster. Instead of reading, we prefer watching short videos on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts. 

Moreover, according to Hubspot, in 2023, people spent about 17 hours a week watching videos online, showing that videos are still very popular. Videos are also more likely to be shared by viewers, about 52% more likely than other types of content, which means they can go viral. Most people, about 75%, like watching short videos on their mobile phones.

In the age of videos, we're surrounded by tons of visual content. Social media is filled with video feeds, and so is marketing. Video ads are everywhere. But think about it: when did you last watch a whole YouTube ad without skipping it after 5 seconds? Just because there's a lot of video doesn't mean everyone is interested. In this flood of content, what's truly remarkable matters most.

So, how do we make our content stand out and be exceptional? The Adello team gathered methods and ideas and then sorted the best practices based on research and our own experience.

Start strong

In this fast-paced digital landscape, your opening moments are your sole opportunity to secure lasting attention. 

To achieve this, consider beginning with a compelling hook, visually striking imagery, or an intriguing question to instantly engage viewers. 

Utilize text or captions to ensure clarity, even when the sound is off. 

Highlight benefits, leverage music or sound for emotional impact, and explore personalization to draw viewers in. 

Inject elements of surprise or humor, maintain clear branding, and introduce limited-time offers, if applicable. 

Strive to evoke emotions such as excitement or empathy right from the start. 

Continuously test and optimize different opening sequences to maximize audience engagement, all while keeping your message concise and closely aligned with your target audience's interests and needs.

How to Make Your Video Ad Campaign Outstanding

Visuals do matter

In advertising, appearances matter a lot more than in books. Having a well-made and good-looking video won't guarantee success, but it does help your campaign a lot.

Don't use cliché visuals like people walking through fields or generic business scenes. These have been used too much. Instead, be creative and original. In advertising, being unique with your visuals is how you grab attention and engage your audience.

Choose the right place and time

Just because a video platform is popular doesn't guarantee your ad campaign will succeed. TikTok, YouTube, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram may have similar formats, but they have different audiences and preferences. Think about where your target audience is.

Also, consider the timing of your ad to fit the context. For instance, with YouTube ads, your placement can end up on random videos, which might not be the best fit for your brand. Or it can seamlessly blend into the right context, thanks to AI technology that analyzes video content, context, individuals, brands, and objects. This elevates your campaign.

The solution? Adello's GP is a powerful tool for advanced contextual targeting of video ads. Based on Adello's patented AI and self-learning technology, GP analyzes video content and context, down to dialogues and objects in the video stream. We then cluster millions of the most relevant processed videos to increase the precision and reach of ad campaigns.

Count on mobile adoption

Picture this: you're on Instagram Reels, where most videos are vertical. Then, suddenly, there's a square ad in the middle. It feels out of place. This is a classic case of "being present doesn't mean you truly belong."

Today, most people watch videos on their mobile phones, whether it's vertical on Instagram or TikTok or horizontal on YouTube. So, if you're on a mobile platform, make sure your ad matches the way people are viewing it. It should blend in and make the experience flawless, not disruptive.

Think about the target audience

Even if you put a lot of effort into making a great video ad, it might not connect with your audience. On the other hand, if you make a video that you think your audience wants, it might only please your team and not your clients. 

The key to success in video advertising is understanding what your audience likes, even if it's different from what you initially thought or what your team prefers. So, get to know your target audience—what they like, what they need, and what problems they have. Then, make your message and creative elements resonate with them.

Adello's GP goes beyond traditional targeting methods to extend the audience reach. It focuses on clustering target videos based on content and context, brand relevancy, speech, and object recognition, thus capturing videos with minimal to no available metadata. 

A/B Testing

To conduct effective A/B testing for your video ads, start by defining clear objectives, like improving click-through rates or conversions. Create two versions of your ad with one noticeable difference between them, such as visuals or calls to action. Randomly split your viewers into groups A and B, ensuring they have similar demographics. Run both versions simultaneously, collecting data on metrics like click-through rates and view duration. Use data tools to analyze the results and identify which version performs better and why. Apply these insights to enhance your ad's effectiveness. 

Keep in mind that A/B testing is an ongoing process for continuous improvement.

Standing out in the world with overflowing information is not easy. While these guidelines offer a foundational approach, it's essential to recognize that each scenario brings its own set of nuances. Drawing from our extensive 15-year history of crafting remarkable mobile ad campaigns, Adello offers that extra knowledge to help you shine. If you feel uncertain and need guidance, feel free to connect with our team. Together, we can transform your most ambitious ad campaign aspirations into tangible experiences.

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