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Like Batman and Robin: How Mobile Ads and DOOH can complement each other

Like Batman and Robin: How Mobile Ads and DOOH can complement each other

With DOOH (digital-out-of-home) is intended any kind of digital billboards used for advertising outside of your house. They are usually ads that you can see “on the go” and can be e.g., in the form of screens, e-boards, or kiosks that you find at a bus-stop, train station, outside or inside a building etc.

With this type of ads, you can create trust in your brand and strengthen the customer’s loyalty towards it. Moreover, you can choose the environment which fits your product or service at its best, enabling you to reach the right target group. For example, if you are selling luxury suitcases, then it would make sense to make a DOOH advertising at the airport. Or if you are selling a software and would like to reach an offline audience, then DOOH is a good option (see the example of Netflix in Los Angeles).

Norm Chait, the Director of Out-of-Home (OOH) Products at Ubimo, a Quotient Company, highlights: “[…] retailers can run smart DOOH ad campaigns by using specific audience data to naturally connect with shoppers along their purposeful path while stocking up or purchasing for their families is top of mind. As a result, brands are able to insert themselves into a consumer’s line of sight as they’re pondering any last-minute additions or alternatives to their typical product purchases” (source: Forbes).

DOOH London

But is DOOH alone enough? Or are there other innovative technologies that you can combine with your DOOH campaign? DOOH are great in catching your attention in the right environment, but the effects on the audience are not really measurable. At the end, you cannot say what kind of people have seen your ad, who is really interested in your product and if they have bought it. But no worries, there is a solution: mobile advertising retargeting. How does it work?

First of all, the benefits of retargeting are well-known. It increases the curiosity of the people, since they have already seen your product somewhere else and probably would like to know something more about it or buy it directly. Online, it brings back bounced traffic and fight shopping cart abandonment. Especially if you use mobile advertising to do it, people can have a look at your product and its information any time, increasing the conversion’s rate. Here is how mobile retargeting works for DOOH.

Mobile ads targeting

Mobile ads offer great geo-location options, by extracting anonymous data from mobile phones. It means, they can retarget those people who have been nearby your DOOH ad with your product again. Moreover, you have details on your potential audience and can decide to retarget only those people with a specific demographic, age, interests etc. If you are advertising e.g., a new luxury watch line, you have the possibility to retarget just those interested in luxury products. If you are promoting a new kind of product, then it would make sense to retarget everyone and see what kind of audience is actually interested in it.

Moreover, if you would like to have more details about the audience that has been nearby your ad, and understand if that was really the right place to put your DOOH, then you can integrate your advertising with location intelligence options offered by companies like GeoCTRL. Imagine you are selling jewelry, but the people who normally pass by on that street are actually not interested in luxury products, but instead in technologies or sports. Better to change the placement of your ad, right? You can gain these insights thanks to the data collected through location signals like Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, etc.

Integrating mobile advertising retargeting into DOOH advertising will increase the conversions and your revenue. Discover more about Adello and our next generation mobile advertising 😉

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