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Surprising Facts About Marketing For Gen Z

Surprising Facts About Marketing For Gen Z

While the whole marketing world was discussing specific preferences of millennials, the new generation, Generation Z, also known as Gen Z or simply Zoomers, are taking over the industry. In fact, today, Generation Z constitutes more than one-third of the population.

There is no certain timeframe, which defines when exactly Gen Z origins. Some sociologists claim that people born between 1997 and 2012 could be considered Gen Z. Others think Gen Z was born after the 2000s.

The basic characteristics of Generation Z are a strong interest in science and technologies, a heightened sense of justice, and a tendency to save money. Unlike millennials, the period of Gen Z’s childhood fell on the rise of technologies. Therefore Zoomers’ behavior was shaped in the digital era… This was one of the key moments, which affected Gen Z’s development.

So what else do we know about Gen Z from a marketing point of view?

Email or social media?

If Gen Z needs technical support or wants to leave feedback, how would they do it? The research among Zoomers has shown an unexpected result. 85% of Generation Z prefer email over other communication channels. That could be explained by the fact that zoomers value privacy and personal boundaries, and email services can provide a comfortable way of communication.

Instagram or TikTok?

As we know, Gen Z actively uses social media more than any other generation. Instagram and YouTube belong to the most popular social media among Zoomers. Meanwhile, Xing and LinkedIn have the lowest rating among Gen Z in comparison to other generations. That can be explained by the fact that a significant part of Gen Z simply doesn’t have a job yet. Despite the popular opinion that TikTok is the most popular social media among Generation Z, Zoomers still prefer Instagram (71%) over Tiktok (58%). However, Gen Z is still the main audience of TikTok.

Gen Z
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Desktop or mobile phone?

While millennials were the most active PC users, Gen Z stepped forward and went online via mobile devices. About 75% of Gen Z obtained their first mobile phone before turning 18, compared to only 49% of millennials. Nowadays, everything is adapted for the phone screen: websites, apps, advertising and promotions.

Mobile or Video games?

Those numbers are approximately the same. 87% of Zoomers play video games, and 86% are fond of mobile games, claims the study. The number of downloaded apps by generation Z increased during the lockdown in 2020 and is expected to grow more. Good news: today brands can develop small games as ad creatives to target their audience on mobile.

Concerned or carefree?

Thinking about Gen Z, some can make a wrong assumption, that they are careless and nihilistic. However, recent studies disproved this point. Regarding marketing, Zoomers have a tendency to prefer the products and services of companies with strong corporate social responsibility. The brands, according to Gen Z expectations, have to take a stand on different social justice issues. Those brands, who stand for their values are more popular among Zoomers than those companies, who remain neutral.

Generation Z is, perhaps, one of the most extraordinary targeting groups. They will drive consumption patterns over the next decade. Therefore, brands that want to grab the attention of Zoomers would have to be flexible, keep up with trends, and support consumer values.

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