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Adello Changes its Focus on Data and the Metaverse

Adello Changes its Focus on Data and the Metaverse

Adello, together with Hutter Consult and Speed-U-Up, successfully conducts their first Metaverse event and announces its new focus. Adello streamed the event via Linkedin and YouTube for more than 180 tech and media professionals.

Mark Forster, Chairman of the Mobile-Taskforce at IAB Switzerland and founder of Adello and GeoCTRL, led the event. In his intro, he showed which worlds are opening up in the current metaverses and the prerequisites for their development. He explained the evolution of the Internet over the last 30 years with the breakthrough of the revolutionary iPhone in 2007, the impressive performance increase and minimal latency of broadband from 2G to 5G over the last 15 years, the proliferation of Crypto and NFT's over the last 8 years.

Thanks to these developments, new opportunities that were unthinkable 19 years ago during the launch of Second Life are opening up now.

In his keynote, Thomas Hutter from Hutter Consult led the audience step by step into the depths of the metaverse. He also noted that the metaverse is not yet fully developed. Thomas added that the opportunities are enormous in all sectors. At the same time, he dampened the euphoria with the statement that even today, many companies still haven't fully adapted neither Web 1.0 nor 2.0. With these prerequisites, they are not prepared for the metaverse. Although the spread of 5G would create excellent conditions in Western Europe and especially in Switzerland, there is also a lack of courage to drive forward such disruptive innovations.

Adello Changes its Focus on Data and the Metaverse

In the panel discussion, Dr. Margarethe Dopf of the Speed-U-Up agency outlined examples in the tourism sector that could increase sustainability, guide visitors and link them to a business model. The experts were asked numerous (sometimes tricky) questions posed by the participants. For example, Mike Weber and Oliver Schönfeld questioned the role of the platform operators with regard to the resulting filter bubble and the responsibility for the content shown. Jana Rudolf, for one, asked to what extent journalism would be involved in the metaverse.

In the end, Mark Forster announced the next event to take place on 05.05.22. Moreover, he added that after 14 years of pioneering mobile marketing, Adello had decided to change its focus on the metaverses. Mark claimed that after mobile marketing emerged from the rapid proliferation of powerful devices, a multitude of apps, and their increasing user base, the metaverses are at a similar point. Omnipresent broadband access with 5G, new sensors/real-time data/AI, and crypto/NFT would all come together. That's why Adello decided to pioneer in this area and proclaim it with the new slogan "Beyond digital Realities".

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