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Press Release: Adello Launches Contextual Advertising for YouTube

Press Release: Adello Launches Contextual Advertising for YouTube

Zurich, 03 August 2023 - A leading Swiss-US AdTech provider, Adello, is launching an advanced targeting solution for YouTube advertising. This cutting-edge technology empowers the precise delivery of contextually relevant video ads.

Traditional methods of targeting on YouTube using cookies and keywords often fall short in accuracy. Many providers primarily focus on channel bookings. 

Adello is stepping in with a groundbreaking alternative -  YouTube GP - AI-driven contextual targeting. This advanced technology evaluates ads based on detailed information and only buys the most relevant placements on YouTube.

GP goes further than other solutions by not only selecting the channels but also by analyzing each individual video, their description, link, and especially their content (including spoken words) in detail. This allows advertisers to select target groups and interests and address them with unmatched precision. Such a level of granularity enables unparalleled precision in selecting target audiences and catering to their unique interests. Not only does this approach guarantee brand safety by aligning ads with content, but it also ensures seamless integration within suitable contexts, resulting in enhanced performance and reduced scatter losses.

Advertisers retain control, being able to specify or exclude their preferred topics without being constrained by the IAB taxonomy.

Mark E. Forster, CEO of Adello, on the new technology: "GP is another innovation that goes beyond the existing Adello offering. What's interesting about it is that GP brings Adello's philosophy of utilizing data to refine targeting to YouTube. The precision is impressive, the cost is manageable, and the results are highly satisfactory."

Advertisers and agencies can now book YouTube contextual targeting campaigns through "GP" at Adello.


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