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Adello Wins Gold at the 2023 Viddy Awards for AI Solution

Adello Wins Gold at the 2023 Viddy Awards for AI Solution

Adello, a Swiss/US AdTech pioneer with 15 years of experience in developing proprietary AI for marketing and advertising solutions has become a Golden Winner of the Viddy Award 2023 in the category of AI technology.

With its latest product launch, GP – Contextual Targeting for Video Advertising, Adello offers an innovative approach to analyzing, identifying, and targeting the most relevant video inventory for better advertising performance. Agencies and advertisers can already book GP for YouTube advertising, and soon also for CTV and ATV. Other gold-winners this year were companies such as Accenture, Logitech, Vodafone, and Bloomberg.

Coming from the high-frequency trading industry, Adello has provided its patented AI and self-learning technology to clients worldwide, since 2008. Based on it, GP analyses video content and context down to the object, brand, and dialogue detection. On average it generates 200-400 keywords per second, allowing for inventory pool extension and more granular classification. 

This extensive analysis ensures that advertising is displayed to the most relevant audience, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, wider keyword pools ensure that advertising messages reach a broader audience without compromising on relevancy, helping to reach untapped market segments. GP also delivers unmatched brand safety.

In November, Adello announced its 15th-anniversary promotion, gifting 15% Free Space for 2024 campaigns. The details are available on the website below.


About Adello

Adello, a leading Swiss/US AdTech provider, leverages real-time human behavior analytics with fully automated, self-learning technology for maximum mobile marketing ROI. Global market research agency Technavio ranks Adello’s technology, which is protected by several patents and has won over 20 awards, among the Top 16 in Big Data worldwide.

Customers of Adello include hundreds of the world's leading brands and agencies, such as BMW, Clear Channel, GroupM, McDonald's, SBB, and UBS. Adello serves clients worldwide with offices in Europe, Asia, and North America. Adello is a Swisscom Ventures portfolio company.

In 2022, the company has spun out activities around emerging Metaverse technologies such as AI, the Blockchain, VR, Crypto/NFT under the company Lab51 Inc.

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