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AI for Video and TV Advertising: Insights from Adello's Event #30

AI for Video and TV Advertising: Insights from Adello's Event #30

On October 26th, Adello, together with its partner AdConnect, hosted an invitation-only event - "AI for Video and TV Advertising".


Luc Reinert, the Business Development Manager at Adello, extended a warm welcome to the thirty invited guests. In his presentation, he traced the development of AI and how Adello has been using it in automated advertising optimization since 2013. What's interesting, in the early years of Adello, video data from YouTube was used as training data for the self-learning algorithms in image recognition and making connections. Luc provided several significant examples that illustrated how AI is currently enhancing the value of campaigns.

Speaker: Luc Reinert

Mark Forster, founder of Adello, explained how Adello is now fully committed to video advertising alongside mobile. As with mobile, Adello is leveraging its patented technology and expertise in the real-time processing of big data. Customers can use Adello GP to book ads on YouTube that are precisely placed by AI, as individual videos are analyzed in detail by Adello. For example, the AI technology recognizes objects, brands, and the content of the dialog and typically derives 200–500 keywords per minute, from which signals, contexts, categories, and sentiment are, in turn, derived. This leads to significantly more precise targeting with full brand safety.

Simon Ritter from the partner company AdConnect/Adgomobile showed how addressable TV works and how it can offer real added value for geographic targeting, especially in combination with mobile. With ATV and CTV, the two companies offer a complete package that combines the advantages of mobile and video with TV.

Panel Discussion

In the panel discussion, moderated by Jathusen Rajasekar, the speakers answered questions from the participants. The remarks concluded with an outlook: In the coming months, the reach should be increased by tapping more inventory sources and incorporating them into the analysis. Soon, this would bring the precision of digital to the reach of TV. As Forster pointed out, video/social is moving toward e-commerce, and e-commerce is increasingly aiming toward social. Better data and AI are key to success, he added. At the Apéro Riche discussions, it became clear: AI in Video and TV advertising will become the leading trend of the next couple of years.

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