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Interactive Digital Advertising and its Impact on your Marketing Results

Interactive Digital Advertising and its Impact on your Marketing Results

Interactive advertising offers you a way to invite users to engage directly with your brand's ad creatives. You can create brand awareness and engagement with interactive ads and drive intentional conversions. For modern-day brands, reaching targeted audiences through traditional ad campaigns is challenging. Today's users prefer skipping over ads and focusing on the surrounding content. This notion is also known as "ad blindness." This is why leveraging interactivity is the best way to get noticed.

Users may now play around with and interact with your advertising thanks to the advanced technology that powers interactive formats. Leaving a long-lasting impact on your target audience is key to successful advertising. Although these advertisements are responsive across several devices, mobile is where they are showing the most promise. More and more people are spending the majority of their screen time on mobile devices, therefore, it makes sense for companies to try out interactive ads.

Millennials, GenZs, and other members of today's audiences aren't content to sit back and watch things happen. Interactive ads add another level of personalization to the one-way communication that digital ads offer. Moreover, user experience (UX) and personalization are integral to the success of any digital advertising campaign. Thanks to interactive digital advertising, marketers can now extend the user experience beyond traditional call-to-action buttons.

Here are some essential things to know about interactive ads.

How does Interactive Ad Boost Audience Engagement?

Interactive ads boost engagement by directly inviting users to interact with the ad. Rich-media interactive ad creatives utilize smartphone sensors and touch screens to enrich the UX. For instance, users can swipe, type, or "scratch" the ad creative to reveal additional content or view the product from 360 degrees; using a built-in gyroscope, they can immerse themselves in a 360-degree VR environment and discover it by rotating the phone or even shaking the smartphone; and using the front camera, they can smile to reveal the brand's offering.

Benefits of Interactive Advertisements

Brands that have implemented interactive ads have seen significant returns. Comparing interactive and
traditional static ads showed that the former is viewed more:

  • Fun (+91%)
  • Engaging (+70%)
  • Stimulating (+66%)
  • Creative (+52%)

Get ready for these three outcomes if you decide to incorporate the magic of interactive ads into your strategy:

1. Audience Behavior Data Collection

Data is the backbone of any successful marketing strategy and is, therefore, of great value to those in the field. The data obtained through interactive advertisements bring marketing analytics to the next level and may be used to inform marketing decisions to a greater depth than traditional advertising forms.

These are all trackable metrics of interactive mobile ads:

  • Dwell Time – the length of time people spent looking at your ad;
  • Pre-Click Interaction – the engagement they show;
  • Elements Analytics – the interest in a specific element of the ads;
  • Engagement with Multiple CTAs or Offers – the links they clicked on;
  • User Preferences – the questions they answered;
  • xViews – the number of times people watched it; and
  • Shares – the number of people who shared it with their friends.

Using this information, you can develop a more targeted strategy that will boost the success of future initiatives as well.

2. Increased audience interest

Even if your commercial is aesthetically pleasing, keeping people's attention remains a challenge. In contrast to static ads, people are more inclined to engage with an interactive ad. In addition to being more engaging, interactive ads are more fun and memorable. Based on our creative analytics, interactive ads have a significantly higher engagement rate than static banners or simple video ads.

3. Improved lead conversion rates

For most companies, the most important KPI is not simply the number of leads generated but the percentage of those leads that turn into customers. The conversion rate for most interactive advertisements is higher than other formats, like video or static commercials. In addition, the quality of digitally generated leads can be increased through specific audience targeting based on past campaign results or retargeting via other display advertisements for people who interact with the ad.

Advertisers remarks

Some advertisers also highlight such benefits of interactive advertising as:

  • Improved ad performance
  • Expanded brand awareness
  • Increased brand recall
  • Increased customers loyalty
  • Generated audience behavior data
  • Optimized advertising ROI

The Best Types of Interactive Ads

Interactive content is ever-evolving. The primary benefit of interactive advertising is the personalized experience that is offered to your target audiences: You can control what type of content is shown to customers. Furthermore, interactive ads help you stand out from your competition.

Here are some of the latest types of interactive mobile ads you should know.

180° panorama

360° panorama

3D model


Hypercube and Swipe cube

Virtual Reality


Card Deck

Leveraging interactive ads is the best way to boost engagement in this digital age. Adello has extensive experience with interactive and rich-media ads on mobile. If you want to learn more about the interactive ad, contact Adello wizards for a consultation, where advertising experts will answer your questions.

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