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Amazon Launches Cloud Computer Game Platform Luna

Amazon Launches Cloud Computer Game Platform Luna

It’s not a secret that the gaming industry is expanding and developing very fast. More and more gaming platform has been opened very recently. One of them is Luna - a gaming platform from Amazon. What is especially remarkable, Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming service. In fact, the new technology significantly impacted the game market development, and cloud computing is one of them.

Once again, what is cloud computer games?

Cloud gaming and cloud computing have become popular topics of discussion recently. Meanwhile, the tech giants are releasing their own cloud computing platforms. What does actually cloud computer gaming mean?

Cloud gaming, as the name suggests, is related to cloud computing. The essence of cloud gaming arises in a portable computing load with a remote device on the server or a more powerful computer.

Simply put, cloud computer gaming provides an opportunity for players to have a high-speed and quality gaming experience even though they don’t have suitable hardware. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and any device with a screen, which can be even a weak laptop or a smartphone. Consequently, this leads to reducing the price of gaming will be cheaper. Previously, players would have to invest a certain budget to make the gaming process smooth and fast. Thanks to cloud computer computing, users can save more than a thousand dollars just for not buying computer equipment.

Cloud gaming is a promising market segment. It is forecasted that by 2028, the cloud gaming market could generate $1.861 billion in revenue. Furthermore, the development of cloud gaming and the transfer of computing to the server-side will positively impact the industry: It will help reduce the level of piracy.

What to expect from launching luna

Indeed, Luna already seems to be a very promising gaming platform. Many users still wonder what to expect from a new Amazon service. Here are some characteristics of the platform.

Amazon announced several expanded gaming channels: Prime Gaming Channel, Retro Channel, The Jackbox Games Channel, Ubisoft Channel, and Family Channel. More channels are expected to appear on the platform. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Prime Gaming Channel

Starting 1st of March this year, Amazon Prime members have access to a Prime Gaming Channe. This channel offers its members play a rotating library of Luna games, such as Devil May Cry 5; Observer: System Redux; FOGS!; Memory; and Immortals Fenyx Rising. New games will be announced regularly as part of the Prime Gaming member offer.

Retro Channel

Retro Channel features favorite classic games from publishers like Capcom and SNK so subscribers can relive fan-favorite games like Street Fighter II - Hyper Fighting — Metal Slug. 3, Castlevania Anniversary Collection and many others.

Jackbox Games Channel

The Jackbox Games channel on Luna is the only place where you can play all eight Jackbox Games Party Packs with a single subscription. Gamers can play popular games, including Quiplash, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, Drawful, and Trivia Murder Party. These games support Luna Couch, a cloud-based feature that allows instantly invite others to join a multiplayer gaming session, even if they don’t have a Luna subscription.

Ubisoft channel

Amazon has partnered with game studio Ubisoft to create a gaming channel exclusive to Luna that will give Luna subscribers access to Ubisoft titles on the same day they are released. Ubisoft+ channel costs $17.99 per month.

Family channel

The family channel offers a selection of games for all ages such as Monster Truck Championship, Heave Ho, and Sponge Bob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom. This channel will be a perfect option to spend time with a whole family.

Amazon Luna

Moreover, Luna has certain features, such as:

Stream to Twitch Live

With the latest update to Luna on PC, Mac, and Fire TV, a new broadcast button lets the users to stream gameplay live with a camera screen. Gamers would simply have to scan the QR code to connect the phone as a webcam and microphone.

Luna Phone Controller

Users can now try Luna on Fire TV using only their iPhone or an Android phone as a controller through the Luna Controller app. The on-screen controller is an option for new or casual gamers without a controller who wants to try out side-scrolling, turn-based RPGs, quizzes, and more.

Luna is launched as Amazon’s competitor to other cloud gaming platforms such as Stadia, Xbox Cloud Gaming, PlayStation Now, and GeForce Now. For the moment, Luna is only available in the US. In the future, the gaming library will expand. As the service develops, new channels of publishers or selected genres will be added.

The gaming industry, its news, and updates will be another blog topic in Adello. We will keep you updated about the recent gaming industry news, game overviews, shortlists, and many others.

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