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Innovative Creatives at Adello

Innovative Creatives at Adello

Adello Group, Swiss pioneer in mobile advertising technologies, presents new AI-driven rich-media ad creative solutions.

Some say conventional digital advertisement has reached its peak. Increasing data privacy regulations force adtech providers to find new ways to identify relevant audiences without 3rd party cookies. Indeed, it is getting harder and harder to draw user attention with standard display ads. Such challenges inspired Adello to enhance its AdCTRL™ cookieless targeting to attract the right audience and develop AI-driven rich media interactive creatives to attract and retain user attention.

Adello’s latest innovative development is the first AI-powered mobile ad creative – #SmileForMe. With the user’s explicit consent, it activates the camera and accurately detects emotions, age, and gender. The application opportunities for this creative are endless, from personalized offers based on gender, age, and emotions to on-spot beauty recommendations and health risk assessments. This advertisement suits healthcare, skincare, cosmetic brands, beauty and fashion, entertainment, and more.

Would you like to know which celebrity has a similar smile to you? This smile recognition creative analyzes smiles, comparing them with celebrities of the same gender and revealing estimated age.

Another outstanding release at Adello is the #ReadyPlayMe. In fact, audio in marketing has been a big trend in recent years. Still, many companies underestimate this feature and its potential value. To attract people to specific products, for instance, music streaming services, concerts, festivals, or album promotions, it requires to include audio in its campaign.

Sneak a preview of the music festival into the ad creative like the Thunerseespiele open-air musical featuring its play.

Anna Pak, Head of Marketing at Adello:

“At Adello, we believe that exceptional advertisement is based on human emotions, interaction, and behavior. With our patented AdCTRL™ technology, we accurately predict and identify the relevant audience without relying on 3rd party cookies and serve them with interactive creatives that evoke emotions. How do you want the user to feel when seeing your ads? We can make them feel proud when they smile, inspired or nostalgic when listening to your tracks, or curious and excited when playing a quiz game. Our proprietary technology analyzes user interaction with creatives to provide advertisers additional data on audience behavior. Stop showing your audience static pictures. Use AI and creativity to show that you care about them.”

Adello is constantly developing new creative ideas to serve advertisers in the DACH region, the US, the UK, and Southeast Asia. Follow us for more insights and marketing updates.

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