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Will Mobile Advertising Change with 5G?

Will Mobile Advertising Change with 5G?

Everyone is waiting for 5G to come worldwide. Thanks to its download speed of 10 GB/s, which is 10x faster than 4G, you will be able to surf the internet quicker and download content much faster. Of course, you will need a phone that supports this new type of connectivity, but most brands already launched 5G smartphones on the market.

With a faster speed, people will spend more time than usual on smartphones since with 5G the frustration from the slow content download will disappear. This opens new opportunities for mobile advertising, enabling to unlock more interactive and engaging experiences:

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) features

β€œThe same things that drove our brands to need that flagship store or need for consumers to touch and feel physical β€” you can accomplish many of the same things at a much greater scale using augmented reality,”

Jake Moskowitz, Head of Data Strategy at Ericsson Emodo.

AR, VR, and MR are great interactive tools to increase customer engagement, becoming a new standard of this decade. With a higher download speed, it will be possible to upload, e.g., content with a better graphic that was considered too heavy before. Thus, improving the digital experience of the users.


Faster speed also means a faster capacity for analysis and more detailed data about user experiences. This will enable marketers to push on-the-go suggestions quicker, like sending recipes based on what the client just bought in the supermarket.

Video advertising

Already from 3G to 4G, we saw a growth of video advertising on mobile. 5G will completely change the perception of video ads on mobile. Higher loading speed, video resolution, complex animation – this is just the beginning. Think about it, today 4G rarely reaches 1 GB/s of download speed, while 5G can even arrive at 10 GB/s! Video creation is a must for digital advertising these days, but do not forget that the content should stay relevant to your audience.

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Email marketing

With a quicker loading time, 5G enables you to put more animations and pictures with higher quality in your marketing email or newsletter. It will also improve the adoption of AMP for Email and CSS-based email interactivity.

Location information

With 5G, the location information will be much more accurate than with 4G. Just think that Uber and Lyft were able to launch their services first with the arrival of 4G, otherwise, the location information would not have been precise enough for them. Increasing location accuracy to up to 3 feet, 5G enables the development of new exciting location-driven applications and increases the performance of geolocation targeting for mobile ads.

Marketing operations

Reportings that took days or hours to be made will need just a few minutes or seconds. Marketers will be enabled to collect more data about their customers than before, work at a higher speed, automate more tasks, and improve communication among colleagues. Hurray!

So, yes, 5G will change mobile advertising making it more engaging, entertaining, and exciting than ever before. The areas cited before are just a forecast. Features that we have not predicted yet will come too, so keep your eyes wide open! And if you want to learn more about the world of mobile advertising, do not hesitate to contact us 😊

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