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Adello Combines Mobile Advertising and Artificial Intelligence

Adello Combines Mobile Advertising and Artificial Intelligence


Zurich, May 4, 2023 – Adello, a leading Swiss-US AdTech provider, is set to change the game in mobile advertising with its simple, groundbreaking integration of ChatGPT. The pioneering AI-powered ad format invites users to engage with a virtual assistant, offering conversational insights and information about the promoted product or company, reshaping the way audiences interact with advertising in a way like never before.

ChatGPT has ignited the AI spark for conversational AI across the tech industry. With that, it has forever changed the expectations we have vis-à-vis technology.

Leveraging ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities, businesses can now forge deeper, more personalized connections with their audiences.

As a marketing company that has been pioneering innovative technologies for interactive advertising experiences, like VR showrooms, NFT-models and AI-based Facial Recognition, Adello is proudly presenting the combination of GenerativeAI and mobile advertising with the new format #ChatWithMe.

Their novel ad creative enables users to converse with a virtual assistant directly within the ad banner, answering questions and providing in-depth information about the advertised product or company. This groundbreaking ad format holds unlimited potential to captivate users and drive results.

Discover the future of mobile advertising with this innovative ad format. Adello's seasoned team is prepared to create a personalized ad experience that resonates with your unique audience.

About Adello

Adello, a leading Swiss/US AdTech provider, leverages real-time human behavior analytics with fully automated, self-learning technology for maximum mobile marketing ROI. Global market research agency Technavio ranks Adello’s technology, which is protected by various patents and has won more than 20 awards, among the Top 16 in Big Data worldwide.

Its satisfied customers include hundreds of the world's leading brands and agencies, such as BMW, Clear Channel, GroupM, McDonald's, SBB and UBS. Adello operates offices in Europe, Asia, and North America. Adello is a Swisscom Ventures portfolio company.

In parallel to AI in mobile advertising, the company has been focusing on Metaverse projects using technologies such as Blockchain, Unreal Engine 5, Crypto/NFT under the name “Lab51 Inc”.

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Adello Combines Mobile Advertising and Artificial Intelligence

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