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Adello Got You Covered This Easter

Adello Got You Covered This Easter

Dear Easter Bunnies,

As we prepare to celebrate the Easter holiday, it's important to start planning your marketing campaigns in advance. As an international company, we understand the unique needs and preferences of audiences in different regions and we'd like to share some tips to help you prepare your Easter marketing campaigns.

  • Emphasize Local Traditions and beyond

Easter is celebrated with a variety of local traditions, including Easter egg hunts and cracking competitions, chocolate bunny parades, and festive Easter brunches. By emphasizing these local traditions in your marketing campaigns, you'll be able to appeal to your audiences and make your brand more relatable.

  • Optimize for Mobile and Local Languages

As of Q3 2022, more than 92% of global users accessed the internet via mobile phones. Mobile connects people across places and languages. Therefore, optimizing your Easter marketing campaigns for mobile and translating your content into local languages and even dialects to reach a wider audience is crucial.

  • Leverage Social Media  

Social media is a powerful tool for Easter marketing. Consider launching creative social media campaigns that increase visibility and even go viral. 

  • Offer Localized Promo Contests and Loyalty Collectibles

Swiss consumers are savvy shoppers, and they appreciate the attention to details. Offer localized games, physical collectibles, or NFT trophies that cater to their specific needs and preferences. 

  • Stay Relevant 

Easter marketing campaigns typically begin a month before the holiday. We see that top retailers are already in the game. This week is your last chance to prepare and execute a successful Easter campaign, don't miss out!

Adello's team is here to help you create campaigns tailored to your audience's unique needs and preferences. 

Anna Pak
Head of Marketing at Adello

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