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DMEXCO Event 2023 Recap

DMEXCO Event 2023 Recap

On September 20, 2023, Adello's team made their way to one of the long-awaited and significant marketing events in Europe – the DMEXCO conference held in Cologne, Germany.

DMEXCO serves as a melting pot for various enterprises involved in marketing, offering a plethora of networking opportunities. The event gathers a diverse range of companies—from tech powerhouses like Microsoft and Google to major players in advertising, such as IAB and Salesforce, as well as up-and-coming startups. Attendees go all out to grab attention; while some showcase VR glasses, others up the ante with racing cars and robots. Whether you're on the hunt for potential business partners, inquisitive clients, or informative talks, DMEXCO has something for everyone.

Speaker at the event

Let's delve into this hive of activity and explore the latest trends in marketing.

AI, AI, and once again AI

Certainly, AI is the current zeitgeist, the latest "big thing" sweeping the industry. The frequency with which the term "AI" is mentioned or displayed at the event is staggering. It's hardly surprising to see businesses rushing to incorporate generative AI to stay ahead of the curve.

In fact, AI has not only entered the playing field but has already made significant inroads in redefining the marketing world. We find ourselves in a transformational era where AI is poised to become "as big as the internet and mobile," bringing with it a wave of potential and palpable excitement.

From automating ad banner creation and optimizing SEO to generating content, the applications for AI in marketing seem virtually limitless. Tech behemoths like Google and Microsoft are not shy about flaunting their own competitors to ChatGPT.

However, when querying various marketers on whether AI will eventually replace human roles in the field, the consensus remains a resounding "no."

Dmexco Anja


Certainly, while forecasts had already hinted that video would be the next pivotal turn in marketing, the sheer number of companies now offering video-centric services still caught many by surprise. From video production to AI-enhanced video applications, the scope is vast. It's evident that video is here to stay for the long haul. 

Notably, Adello showcased its innovative contextual video placement solution, GP. Leveraging AI, GP analyzes video content and its context, identifying objects and people within, to ensure a more accurate advertising placement. 


If you spot individuals looking effortlessly cool at elaborately designed booths and stations during the event, there is a high chance they're in the programmatic space. Additionally, programmatic advertising was a popular topic in many of the lectures presented at the event. It's no wonder, as programmatic continues to be one of the most lucrative avenues in marketing.

Alternatives to the 3rd-party cookies

While third-party cookies are becoming obsolete, there's still a lack of clarity among some companies on how to properly collect data under the new rules.

Many businesses are presenting alternatives to third-party cookies, with the majority focusing on solutions grounded in first-party data.

Adello, early on, has wisely stayed ahead of the curve, abstaining from the use of third-party cookies for data collection and instead relying on patented, ethical and intelligent data collection and processing methods.

Audio advertising

At first glance, visual advertising seems to be the more compelling option, leading one to wonder: why opt for audio ads when visuals are generally more eye-catching?

However, a significant chunk of information is still consumed aurally through mediums like radio, podcasts, and music streaming services. Audio often serves as a backdrop while we engage in other tasks, and unlike visuals, we rarely go out of our way to skip audio ads. Additionally, audio has a potent psychological impact. So, there are clearly compelling reasons why audio advertising remains relevant. No surprise many companies were promoting their audio-related ads.

Furthermore, the rise of generative AI has made it easier than ever to produce audio content. The emergence of AI-generated podcasts and radio stations indicates that audio is far from being sidelined in the advertising game.


While it's conceivable that social media platforms may one day become obsolete, replaced by the next technological innovation, that day doesn't seem imminent. The question of what will succeed social media remains an open one, but for now and the foreseeable future, social media's popularity endures. Social commerce, influencer marketing, and social media marketing are here to stay, continually innovating new ways to facilitate sales through their platforms.

And that wraps up DMEXCO 2023. As the evening sets in, we'll depart from the event venue and head to the after-party. It's the perfect setting to casually discuss the next big thing in marketing, all while exchanging business cards in a more relaxed atmosphere.

See you next year!

DMEXCO Adello Team

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