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Stay Ahead of Competing Businesses with Mobile Marketing

Stay Ahead of Competing Businesses with Mobile Marketing

There is not an iota of doubt left that mobile advertising is what will build brands in the coming future. To stay ahead of competing businesses, it is important to establish a competitive advantage. With mobile advertising, you can create an opportunity to differentiate your business. But what is mobile advertising exactly?

Investopedia defines mobile advertising as any form of advertising that appears on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Smartphones and tablets are popular devices for communication across all demographics. They are cheaper, smaller, lighter and most importantly - they are way better portable than computers and laptops. Following these developments, marketers have an opportunity to put their marketing messages directly into the hands of their consumers. By doing so, marketers and advertisers reach a much wider audience.

If you don't have a mobile marketing strategy, be sure, you're already lagging behind! So, let's dive a little bit deeper into some of the reasons why going mobile in the world of advertising is crucial in today's times.

According to RescueTime, people spend, on average, around 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on their phones. Furthermore, over 80% of the web traffic is on mobile. This shows that mobile advertising will be one of the most powerful ways for advertisers to be considered.

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Mobile Audience Targeting

Every brand wants to reach the people that matter to their business. Audience targeting is meant to address users who are interested in a particular topic. For instance, users interested in music are more likely to buy festival tickets than users who are not.

Mobile audience targeting relies on data points about mobile users in order to deliver relevant ads to them - no matter what site or app they're using. That's how your brand can target key consumers. More and more money has been shifted from desktop to mobile advertising, which indicates that mobile ad targeting isn't slowing down anytime soon.

More Interactive Formats and detailed Reporting

Interactive ads can boost performance. While static ads remain the same and don't change once live, interactive ads can be perceived as more interesting or fun. The interactive content of rich-media ads invites users to active participation, which means they need to engage. For example, by inviting the user to interact with the ad through a 360-degree video, facial detection, AR, hypercube, puzzle, or quiz.

This interactive format allows consumers not just to spend more time with the ad but also leaves them more likely to remember the brand.

In addition, interactive advertisements provide more detailed reporting. Through the interaction of the user with the advertisement, the user behavior and the interaction location of the advertisement can be recorded (e.g., through a heatmap). Adello is highly specialized in this area and extracts the best insights to optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis. If you'd like to check out some interactive ad demos, go to the Adello Creative Gallery.

Instant Reach and Geo-Targeting Options

Mobile marketing allows marketers to meet their customers where they are in real-time, which today is considered the default. The benefits of geotargeting mobile users include better ROI, getting
real-time information, tracking and reporting.

In short, whether through geo-targeting, location targeting, hyper- or local-targeting - increase the efficiency of your campaign and reach your target group exactly where they are, because even if your business is not location-centric, your customers are.

There is also the option for retargeting. This means you can increase the persuasiveness of your message by contacting interested users more than once.

Brand Safety and Fraud Prevention

As for brand safety and fraud prevention, it is essential to have transparency in display advertising. It is important to know where your campaign has been displayed, how much fraud was there, how it performed, and what ROI you got.

Unfortunately, getting clear data is not always easy. Over the last 20 years, the industry has become so corrupted and overloaded with numerous value chain stakeholders that simply make most of their revenue with fraud and are not interested in displaying real data. For this reason, many advertisers shifted to in-house programmatic, building their own tech stack or using SaaS platforms like  Adello Direct.

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Things you need to consider with Mobile Advertising

If you're new to the world of mobile marketing, here are some important points you need to consider then starting a well-rounded mobile marketing strategy:

Screen Size Optimization

Make sure the website looks good and is easy to use on different devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Use Eye-Catching Visuals

Use interactive ads like a short video or carousel. It usually attracts more attention than just static display ads.

Context is Key

It's all about when and where an ad is placed. You don't want to come across as intrusive but as helpful. Finding the right time to send your message can influence how it is received.

We at Adello can provide you with all the help you need to get started with web and in-app mobile advertising for driving engagement and a wider reach.

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