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Swiss Metaverse 2022: The Hottest Tech Trend of the Decade?

Swiss Metaverse 2022: The Hottest Tech Trend of the Decade?

According to Utpal Chakraborty of SwissCognitive, the Metaverse will evolve as the biggest virtual Marketplace in the next five to ten years. As we already know, the Metaverse is going to erase the physical limitations that we, humans, are confronted with. For example, when we desire to be in many places at once, it is simply impossible due to our physical limitations. But with the digital twin in the Metaverse, this is very much possible. The same goes for the business world: you can expect a fully democratic, decentralized global business platform, regardless of the size and nature of your business.

With the Metaverse, we are seeing a pattern similar to the adoption of mobile in the early 2000’s,” says Mark Forster, founder of Adello and Lab51 Inc and Chairman of the Metaverse taskforce at IAB Switzerland. “Our latest survey among the Swiss digital advertising industry revealed that while 71% of the respondents believe the Metaverse offers opportunities for their company, only 25% are either working on projects or have launched first projects. As with Amara’s law, we tend to overestimate technology in the short run and underestimate it in the long run. The hype is here, while the actual Metaverse is not (yet). The Metaverse is rooted in various technologies, which are in various development stages and adoption statuses. Time will tell when these fascinating technologies mature and culminate in something we will consider the current Metaverse.”

Although Switzerland is a small country, it’s not lacking in innovation. An Article by GlobeNewswire mentions the following: “Being practically synonymous with the tech movement, Switzerland is often referred to as the next Silicon Valley for crypto and blockchain.”

The Swiss Metaverse Ecosystem released by Adello depicts the most prominent companies shaping the Web3 and Metaverse future of Switzerland.

Many exciting companies are operating in the Metaverse Digital Landscape field in Switzerland, and here are some of them:

Metaphysiks was founded in 2019 and focused on making the digital come alive by merging the human body with the digital world to create experiences and emotions. It is an immersive technology company based in Lausanne and has, according to the Greater Geneva Bern area (GGBA), recently received USD 2 million from TFN Investments for its neuro-haptic skin. This skin allows its users to bring their sensations, emotions, and cognition into the Metaverse. Their core technology that makes this possible is called MetaTouch.

KLON was founded by entrepreneur Philipp Semmler in 2022. KLON helps its users to create digital identity in the Metaverse in 5 steps. KLON claims to be interoperable, decentralized, and, most importantly, secure software. “Our goal is to bring 2,000,000 new people into the Metaverse by two years from now” - Philipp Semmler.

SwissNFTs is a platform for Swiss artists and art enthusiasts to trade digital art in a secure, reliable, and easy way. They are revolutionizing the Swiss digital art scene by creating the go-to NFT ecosystem for artists and collectors. 

With over two decades of experience designing and creating software for mobile devices, Bitforge, founded in 2004, offers a mobile Augmented Reality solution - Yago. For example, the melectronics and Coop Bau + Hobby are among the company’s projects.

Adello is the pioneer in the Swiss mobile space for its machine learning algorithms for mobile advertising (Swiss Martech), leveraging petabytes of sensor-generated data. At the beginning of 2022, Adello announced the focus on Metaverse as 2nd pillar. These services include cross-platform services and implementations, Metaverse real estate developments, advanced avatar creations, NFT and cryptocurrency projects, and consulting services which are rendered under the parent company brand LAB51.

Aragon, founded in 2017, is a software development company that can build Decentralized Autonomous Organizations - short DAO - on open-source infrastructure. Aragon believes that blockchain and the internet are changing and the incentive structure for businesses to exist. That’s why they are developing tools for the next generation of businesses that will take advantage of these changes.
Based in Zug Crypto Valley, Värdex Suisse (2017) is the fastest-growing retail crypto financial services company in Switzerland. By providing seamless, secure, and easy-to-use DeFi products and services, they aim to be a key player in the decentralized financial ecosystem of tomorrow. Värdex is regulated by the Financial Services Standards Association (VQF) and a member of the Swiss Blockchain Federation.

If you want to learn more about this field, check out some upcoming events in the industry:

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